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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Midnight Lessons - Banjaku

Hey it's been awhile I'm back for the most part.
You'll be seeing more Banjaku comics as well as that last part of the Matsuzaki comic these next few weeks.

Also I'm looking for a copy of Gai Mizuki's new C86 work so I can translate it.
So far all I've gotten is a passworded copy from a spanish board, but no luck getting the password.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rooftop - Ebisubashi

A little thing that was commissioned, enjoy.

I'll be translated some commissioned Banjaku work next, an artists I haven't worked with yet.
After I finish the last Matsuzaki chapter that is.

Kagura Dance FINAL - Ebisubashi

And so finally this story ends.  I have ranted many times about how much I hate this story but really I hate it in an endearing way if that makes any sense.  The final pairing of characters are two pants on head retarded, or just amazingly manipulative inside a cast of actually decent people.

My most favorite line was when Kouta gets real mad about Daisuke leaving in the previous chapter, how he has a family and a job here so he can't just go to Tokyo.  It's like the FUCK you've been cheating on your wife for how many months now anyways and you make fuss about this NOW?!
Then you have Seijirou actually apologizing when he literally had done nothing wrong and then he punches Kouta because maybe he thinks Daisuke is totally innocent in this?
I like to imagine his smile at the end is "good riddance don't have to put up with this scumbag anymore".  It's almost hilarious how the show starts off with Seijirou wanting nothing more than to be with Daisuke and now it's like get the hell out of there now while you have the chance.

Also I'm not writing this to get pity for you guys having me translate this, I honestly had a great time doing it and had tons of laughs etc.  So all the shit I give this story aside thanks for reading my translations guys.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kagura Dance 06 - Ebisubashi

Another chapter of this and now we have 2 chapters left.

Thank you for the donation, hopefully we'll get this story done this week.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Unfaithfulness From Two Years Ago P.2 (Ch.7)

It's another chapter of our otherr troublesome couple.  Funny enough that we have two stories going at the same time with the same kinda issues.  Surprisingly enough though they aren't any worse than Daisuke.  Actually I don't think anyone could surpass Daisuke.

Enjoy! The final chapter will be after another Kagura Dance.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Kagura Dance - Chapter 05

This chapter is longer than usual, that's because Daisuke fucks two people in this chapter oh boy!  We've all heard my rants so let's just end this story and get on to the good stuff, I think we're halfway through.

I'll be trading off between translating a chapter of this and a chapter of Tsukasa Matsuzaki, so next up is one of those.