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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nephew and Uncle - Takeshi Matsu TEXT ONLY

Here it is in glorious text format!

I won't be scanlating so it's free game for anyone to do what they want with it.  If you have any questions about the translation or issues you can always email me.
Sorry for the super delays let's make the next one not as slow that'd be a good.

Oh yeah commentary this story is cute as shit Takeshi Matsu can write some really good stuff.

Compared to before he's improved a lot really.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hey! Old Man! - TMatsu

Goal Met
Thank you! Look forward to it being translated within a week.

Hey everyone T.Matsu released this pretty good looking doujinshi out on digiket and I'd like to translate it.
Unfortunately I don't have my own copy or enough digiket bucks to buy it but I'd like to.
So I'm going to open up a donation goal to buy a copy of this so that I can release a translated version of this to the rest of you.
The minimum about of bitcash you can buy from is $30 dollars worth (2600yen) also the manga that I'll be translating is 64 pages long (probably around 55~58 pages of actual text though. Also the other option is if someone can share a copy of it I'll just close this donation down and get to work on translating it. I'll refund any donations sent within that time period as well.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Muscular Men and their Same Sex Relationships - Heppokotarou

Here's May's release, April was a really busy month... so busy I didn't really update the site at all.  May wasn't really much better but I did get this commission done!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Takaku Nozomu - Rice Shop Owner Tachibana Koushiro Posting History

So funny thing about this I wanted to release this earlier but I wanted to release his older one first....
But that isn't done cleaning because the cleaner went MIA so now that I've released this I'm going to contact my other wizards to get the old one finished.

The Portuguese one being released before mine is because the site owner has cleaned/typeset with me before so to make things easier for him I just send psd's over to him when he wants to translate it to his language.  Instead of having to reclean the English text and all that nonsense, that's no fun.

Anyways here's this, this doesn't count as April's release because it was well done before April so theres still more coming this month.

Also the one I shared with him wasn't full proofread so hopefully those errors didn't carry over into his version.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Request Thread

So I decided I'd make a request thread to funnel in all these requests people have, most of them are posted in chat and are bound to get buried or repeated.  Here we have a nice place to keep them all stored for eternity and for the people kind enough to check here first can save us all the time of telling them what has and hasn't been asked for yet. I don't have a specific way to organize them by priority or chance of being translated (that might just end up being a poll anyways) But I'll just split them between In Progress and Requested for now.  All request translations will have ads on their links as decided by this poll some time ago.  I probably won't be changing this policy unless a lot of people say otherwise.

In Progress
Dangerous Relationship - Noda Gaku*
Chakaru, White Sake - Jiraiya*
Easy Rider - Gai Mizuki*

Toro the Crybaby - Jiraiya
Just 1 More Centimeter - Hanafubuki Gorilla
Passionate Nine - Hyougo Kijima
Tagame - Lover Boy 
Omaso - 学園生活ただれ気味 
Kenta - Shouriya Ken-chan
Kenta - The Sunny Side of the Street 
Out of Play - Waka

Zelolee - My Brave Lover 2 & 3 
Tagayanism - 俺の弟がこんなにデカいわけがない
 Hyougo Kijima - Dai go no otoko-
*not subjected to ads due to reasons. (one was Annual User Poll, another was a request after someone offered to scan raws for it, third was part of my old quest to translate all of Gai Mizuki's works)

Galka Mayo Series - Grisser

So this is something that I had commissioned for me, it's also not written by someone who uses Japanese as their native language.  Which makes translating it sometimes actually difficult in an odd way. I haven't tested it myself but I felt like I was reading a doujinshi with dialogue plugged into ENG->JP Google Translate.
 Honestly bad Japanese aside it wasn't any better or worse than your usual doujinshi, in fact a saving grace was the lack of dialogue at some points allowing you to just enjoy the nice artwork.

Any complaints about the bad Japanese are pretty much moot point since hopefully my translations don't relay that over.  I can say that the last two did give me some good laughs though.

<WARNING> In the following paragraphs I go off onto random tangents, make terrible jokes and wild speculations that have no real basis aside from entertaining my imagination. Read at your own risk.

Starting off with Galka Daddy our protagonist "Barky" claims he's never drunk a beer in his life but then he comments immediately after "beer and porn the best combo".  Although we can easily write this off as the easily impressionable and gullible Barky just trying to fit in and say things that sound cool.  The final discrepancy that I didn't quite get or maybe the twist was it was all a plot to get in Barky's pants, which is highly likely is Barky's great friend "Fit" states his Father isn't home so they can have his beer.  Turns out his Dad is upstairs having his afternoon/evening sit-down with one of his dildo's and Fit knew it the whole time, what a twist indeed. It is also here where the pun Galka Mayo, which in the original series I can only imagine was a clever way to refer to their semen wasn't ever touched on and wasn't even mentioned by it's name, is first mentioned.

It's amazing uses in this story is lube specifically for Galka penises, is there some health reasons why regular lube can't be used? Is there a reason why it is referred to as a type of condiment or food in the next series? Is this some time for in the future when people realized Galka Mayo was actually just Galka semen they've been putting on their sandwiches and now it's reduced to just a sexy toy/tool for Galkas? A truly profound mystery this is.  Now that we're done with that tangent let's go back to the finale "Galka Sausage Factory"

After being in a unspecified future or maybe an Alternate Universe where Galka's live in some kind of present day environment we are returned to the roots of Galka's, the FFXI universe.  This story starts off with another gullible protagonist who ends up getting taken advantage of for sex, but that isn't a minus really at this point.  What is amusing is that he is introduced as loving muscular men with a nice mental image of naked Galka's and then when put in a sex-related situation proclaims "I'm not gay!".  While this could have been just a random exclamation in the heat of the moment his sexuality was already made clear moments ago.  Then we have the ever wonderful Galka Mayo and the introduction of the Galka Sausage.  So if Galka Mayo is semen from Galka's then is sausages their dicks? Has our main character been a happy cannibal since birth? It claims to be a sausage factory on the door of the establishment and you can easily enter by proclaiming your love for their product.  But inside of the so-called factory is merely a standard pub/bar, one possibility is that the name is merely a cheesy-name for a well-known Galka-only gay bar. A gay bar that has an underground business of selling its semen to the public as a condiment.  The final mystery still remains is, assuming the name of the bar is just a dirty reference to gay Galka sex, what was this mysterious meat our protagonist was eating before coming to this city.  Maybe out in the boonies where he had never seen any other races his small village was forced to feed on each other to survive in hard times.  And now after developing a craving for the flesh of his own kind while still an innocent young lad he was banished from his home-town where he discovers a perfect source to feed his new craving.  Now we understand what he meant in the beginning when he said he loved muscular men. It was an exclamation about his sexuality but that loved his food to be at it's prime, full of muscle and delicious. Truly a terrifying story indeed.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blogger Terms of Service Changes

I'll just copy and paste the email I got.

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

I'm not fully certain what they mean by "expressly shared" as opposed to just going to my blog's link as usual but I guess we'll find out until the time comes.   I was thinking about using tumblr but I like the little chat window we have on the side, although I bet with some manipulation of HTML I could probably squeeze that into tumblr too. Or I could use amazon services and make my own webpage as a nice learning experience depending on their ToS and all that fun stuff.  
 I posted a new release on said tumblr just as a test run, it's stored in the archives too.

Also I have attracted the attention of a couple other artists, not directly mind you but I've had a good amount of my posts reported and taken down.  So if you're wondering why X artist's post/work is missing it's probably because of that.